Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making strides for breast cancer : Social Justice Event

         On October 21st, I got my sorry bum out of bed at 7 am. I never am out of bed, or even awake at 7 am, but I promised to myself, and two others that I would be up and ready by 9am. The night before, pink bandanas were bought and t-shirts were decorated with glitter pens. I knew the walk was three miles, but I wasn't anticipating that I was going to have to park and walk another mile. With giant coffees in our hands we headed towards registration then started our walk. I was walking into a sea of pink! There were teams of people, some had shirts dedicated to someone in memory, and others wore them for a friend who was still fighting. I was shocked at the diversity of all of the people who were participating. The age, race, and sex all seemed to go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Economically you couldn't tell who was in what class because everyone was dressed in sweats, and shirts supporting the cause. Through the walk there were mass amounts of people who were standing on the side lines cheering the participants on. Every time a mile was completed there was either a sorority or fraternity keeping our motivation going. Walgreens had booths for water and tootsie rolls set up for a little boost mid walk. There was no pushing or hurrying others along, and no one went at the exact same pace.
         I saw this event as something that brought all people together. Because of the breast cancer pandemic, it was safe to assume that everyone there had been affected by it some way or another,  and if you hadn't; then all you had to do was look around you. I had no idea that sororities and fraternities from our own campus were going to be there, it made me proud of RIC, having our name out there and being associated with something for a great cause. Surrounding schools also had supporting fraternities and sororities in attendance. Once you crossed that finish line there were so many more people cheering and clapping than I could imagine. This was an all out celebration for people, there was music, food, and even activities. I expected that everyone did the walk and then left, this was not the case. We hung around for about an hour and a half after we had finished the walk just talking to people and seeing what was offered.
                 For a first time walker I was extremely happy, and a would definitely do this again when it comes around next. I also highly suggest that others do it as well. Drag along your friends, donate for the cause and even if its not your cup of tea at least you did something that will help out someone else's life and also benefits yours.

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