Thursday, December 6, 2012

Election Night: REFLECTION



At around 6 o'clock the bar started to fill up, by seven everyone had a beer in their hand and were faced towards the one TV that we have at the bar that I work at. Everyone was dead silent, and the TV was turned up loud. The predictions of who was going to win the elections just kept pouring in. When the electoral votes were cast, and states started being declared there was a strong anticipation in the room. Somehow, maybe because were in Rhode Island, just about everyone in the room was there in support of Obama. If Romney had taken control of a state, there was booing, profanities being said, and then the Obama chants started. When Obama has attained a state the entire bar erupted in applause. Although I was slinging beers, it was interesting to see how into this election people were. I remember four years ago for the 2008 election I watched it in the living room with my parents rooting our favored candidate on. I wasn't sure if going to a bar for elections was normal. When the timer started for the next state to be declared red or blue, there was a count down going, just like if a spaceship was getting ready to launch. It was quite an experience, especially towards the end when there was no way that Romney could win, it turned into shots (drinks) and massive cheering. Many people attempted to wait around for the speech that Romney was supposed to have prepared but at that time it had already hit one o'clock. Many people were speculating that he had to write his speech on the spot because he was so gung ho on winning. I don't know where I will be at the next election, but a bar doesn't seem like such a bad choice.     

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  1. It was nice to read this in the perspective of someone who was out and in public. I was just at someone's house. Like the emotion of it all.